CUJMH Apple Watch Charger

As all Apple Watch owners know, the charging cable is entirely too long. While it is fine for home, it can be very cumbersome and annoying when traveling. Because of this, I have been on a search for a better way to charge my Apple Watch.

I came across the CUJMH Charger for Apple Watch on Amazon. The feature that most intrigued me with this product is the adjustable charging angles it provides. You can pull out the USB and re-insert it to an angle that fits your needs. This can be very helpful depending on the orientation of the USB charger you may plug this into.

For testing, I used the CUJMH Apple Watch Charger in various ways. This includes with a couple of portable Powerbanks, plugged into USB wall outlet, plugged into Apple’s iPad brick which was plugged into the wall and a USB hub that was plugged into the wall. I found that the charge was really slow. With all of the various methods I was only able to get an average of 28% charge over the course of 1 hour. This speed can be ok if you charge your Apple Watch over the course of a night. I like to track my sleep during the night with my Apple Watch so this really does not work out to be an option for me.


– Variety of charging angles
– Cableless design, plugs right into USB
– Portable and compact
– Multiple electrical protections


– Adjustable charging positions
– Very compact and lightweight
– Reasonably priced

– Charging is really slow
– Possible durability issue down the road with adjustable USB
– Would really like to see a powerbank be a part of this product


$18.99 (October 2019) on Amazon

*‌**note: this is not a sponsored post. I purchased this product for my personal use and decided to review it. Tech Insite may however earn a commission when you click on an ad or affiliate link.***

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