A notes app that allows you to store any and all ideas, notes, to-do’s, web clippings, audio clips, and videos in one easy to access location can be indispensable. Being able to access your notes anywhere quickly is even more important. There are many options out there and the list is continuously growing. Today I would like to share Evernote with you.

Evernote quickly became one of the most valuable apps I have ever used due to the fact that you can store anything and everything in this one easy to use app. It allows you to capture and store ideas, projects and task lists via either pictures, voice, handwriting or text. Evernote works on any platform – PC, Mac, Android and iOS


Evernote allows you to focus on what matters most by allowing you to capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists across all of your devices with the following features depending on the plan you choose

  • Web Clipper
  • Templates
  • Notes sync
  • PDF & doc search
  • Search handwriting
  • Document scanning
  • Notebooks and tags




  • Can access from pretty much any device you have
  • Scannable app which quickly allows you to scan a document, white board, or business card
  • Powerful search which included OCR so you can also search within your PDF’s
  • Organizational Flexibility – ability to organize either by notebooks or tags


  • Kind of pricey option for a place to keep notes.  There is a free option however the premium plan has some key features – forward emails into your account, annotate PDF’s, searching for text inside PDF’s and syncing across more than 2 devices to name a few
  • I find the handwriting option to be acceptable at best.  I like to handwrite alongside text.  Evernote does not currently offer that option


You can view current features for each plan on the Evernote website at https://evernote.com/compare-plans.

(note: I normally like to provide all info in one quick spot so you do not have to click back and forth however I think it would be most beneficial for you to always view the correct up-to-date information)

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