A notes app that allows you to store any and all ideas, notes, to-do’s, web clippings, audio clips, and videos in one easy to access location can be indispensable. Being able to access your notes anywhere quickly is even more important. There are many options out there and the list is continuously growing. Today I would like to share Evernote with you. Evernote quickly became one of the most valuable apps I have ever used due to the fact that you can store anything and everything in this one easy to use app. It allows you to capture and store … Continue reading EVERNOTE

Welcome To Tech Insite

Thank you for visiting Tech Insite! I have started this blog because I want a place to discuss my thoughts and ideas on products, apps and general tech news. I am really looking forward to sharing these thoughts and discussing them with you. I am not an overly techie person, especially when it comes to technical specs of computers. My aim is to have conversations that the average person can partake in. Also, I can readily admit that I am not a grammar or language master. Again, I am hoping to spark convesations and help the average person tech basics … Continue reading Welcome To Tech Insite