PS5 Rumors Continue

At the beginning of February I wrote about the possibility of an official PS5 announcement from Sony (PS5 Leaks & Speculations Coming Fast). February has ended and no official word as of yet. Sony has already said they will not be attending E3 this year so this begs the question…When will Sony give details regarding the next-generation console?

I have seen a few blogs saying that Sony needs to give details soon or else they will lose out to Microsoft in the console wars. I do not believe this is so. By now most people already have a favorite console system they like and they will most likely purchase that system this holiday season regardless of when they learn of the details.

The aspect that will matter the most this holiday season is which system has the exclusives that you want to play. That will determine who buys which system at the beginning. Not how much information we knew in February.

Just because we have not had an official announcement from Sony yet that does not mean that the rumors have stopped. One of the more recent rumors is that the DualShock 5 controller will track your sweat, heart-rate, etc, to potentially tailor your game to you.

I believe this is one of those patents that companies file just to file it so they can have the rights to the tech. Even if it is something that Sony can fully develop it will mean gaming developers will have to program it into their games. I do not see that something that would happen right away.

I would not want my experience of a game to change simply because my hands are sweating. I want to experience the game the developers want me to experience.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the addition of bio-sensors would be beneficial? Would you want them? Do you have a prediction for when Sony will give official details on the PS5?

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