Overcast Lets You Skip Podcast Intros

There are a lot of podcast apps for you to choose from. I have tried most of them yet I keep coming back to Overcast by Marco Arment. It is feature-rich. I have yet to try another podcast app that provides so many features that are simple to use and done in such a clean way.

On January 31st Overcast received an update (version 2020.1) that includes

  • Voice Boost 2
  • AirPlay 2
  • Skip Intros and/or Outros
  • Starring and Clip Sharing for Private Feeds

For most people, I feel the most important new feature is the ability to skip the intro and/or outros for each podcast. All podcasts intros and outros differ, so it is great that Overcast lets you personalize this option for each podcast you subscribe to. This is done by simply going into the settings tab for a podcast, scroll down to the bottom and set the time you would like to skip.

Voice Boost is a feature that standardizes volume levels between multiple podcasts and eliminates the need to constantly keep grabbing your device to increase or decrease the volume simply because you moved onto another podcast. Voice Boost 2 further improves on that technology by implementing high-quality professional-grade audio processing techniques.

AirPlay 2 support has been added to the app. AirPlay 2 allows for more seamless switching between devices while you listen to your favorite podcast. This will benefit AirPlay 2 and your iOS devices.

Lastly, this update allows for starring and clip sharing for private podcasts. Clip sharing is a great feature that came in April of 2019. Surely those who listen to private feeds will enjoy the ability to utilize this feature Just a few days after releasing 2020.1, Overcast received update 2020.2 that fixed minor bugs, some including when resuming playback in CarPlay

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