Apple Returns To CES

This year Apple is returning to CES for the first time in 28 years.  Although they did not have an official presence at last year’s event, they did have billboards touting their strong stance on user privacy.  

Jane Horvath (Senior Director of Global Privacy) is scheduled to take part in a Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable panel on January 9th.  Given the panel, it is expected that she will continue Apple’s stance on privacy.  

Apple has been able to take such a strong stance on user privacy because they are first and foremost a product and services company as opposed to an advertising company.  Companies like Facebook and Google are mainly advertising companies and rely heavily on user’s data and the selling of that data.  

One example of the use of user’s data can be found with the processing of pictures and video.  Most companies rely on cloud services for this processing.  Apple has recently released a Secure Video API for HomeKit.  This API allows the processing to happen locally on the device so data does not go into the cloud and Apple does not have access to it.  

Apple has not been perfect when it comes to the use of user data.  It would be hard to believe that anyone is.  What are your thoughts on the selling of your “private” user data?  Are you ok with it as long as you are getting a service in return? Are you 100% against it?  Let the community know.

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