# PSA: Do Not Abbreviate 2020 On Any Documents


 That is a very easy resolution that I believe we can all actually stick to. It does not require any measurable extra time or depriving yourself of your favorite foods.  

 Getting back to being serious – because this is a very serious PSA…The new decade has brought about a potential scam that we have not had to deal with before.  The concern is if you abbreviate 1/1/2020 to 1/1/20 it can very easily be turned into 1/1/2021, 1/1/2022 and so forth.  

 Long term this could be a huge issue on any document with an end date.  Someone could easily turn your 12/31/20 into 12/31/2025 and create a major situation.  

 This is something we actually should have been concerned about last year also.  1/1/19 could just as easily been turned into 1/1/1999.  While 2020 is a concern for the future, 2019 is a concern for the past.  

 Fortunately, the solution to this potential scam is very easy to fix.  Always wite out the year in full. This does have potentially serious implications so please either forward this post along to your friends and family or tell them by word of mouth. 

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