PS1 Games On The PS5?

The 2020 holiday season is set up to be one of the best for the video game industry in many years. This is due to the hotly anticipated next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

While Microsoft has already released most info regarding their next release (price being an exception) Sony has been pretty quite. Recent reports lean towards Sony revealing more details sometime this February. Who knows if this will happen. Certainly by this years E3 we will know all on both consoles.

The newest rumor regarding the upcoming PS5 is its potential backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility is nothing new. It has existed on many consoles in the past. XBOX currently has it. Sony’s PS4 does not sadly.

What makes this recent rumor most interesting is the supposed backwards compatibility all the way back to PS1 games. As far as I know, multiple generations back backwards compatibility has not been done before. Imagine being able to play the entire Uncharted series on one console. No need to clutter up an entertainment center or desk with multiple consoles and cords. Imagine that cord typhoon!

I believe backwards compatibility all the way back to PS1 games is a bit far fetched. Do not get me wrong, I would love to see that. I am staying realistically hopeful for just backwards compatibility for PS4 games. That would make me happy.

What do you think? Do you think Sony will offer this? Is it even something you would want to see?

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