Get Your Favorite Emoji Engraved on Your Apple Products For Free

Rejoice! You now can get poop on your favorite Apple device with no additional cost to you.

Apple has announced they have added AirPod’s to the line of products that you can choose free engraving for when you purchase through Apple. Personalized engraving has been an option with iPhones and iPads for quite some time now, though AirPods and emoji are new. Not sure why it took them so long to add AirPods to the list. Especially, with how wildly popular they have been for the last couple of years. Arguably, AirPods could be the 2nd most popular Apple product behind the iPhone.

Personalizing your device makes a lot of sense with Apple products as most iPhones and iPads look pretty much the same, with a few tiny exceptions. AirPods, with their all white plastic case, look the exact same.

True, the most popular means to personalize your phone or tablet is with cases. I have yet to see anyone with a case on their AirPods. More companies are beginning to offer AirPod cases. They simply are not very popular yet.

This is a great option for those who are more on the minimalist side and do not want to cover up the beauty of their iPhone or even those case users who might want to commemorate a certain event like a graduation, milestone birthday, or any other special occasion.

Apple offers the personalize engraving for free. Why not take advantage of it and put your name, favorite saying, or emoji on a device you use everyday.

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