When you are using a note application on a regular basis it can be very helpful to utilize templates. Templates allow you to give a new note the same set-up / format as previous notes. This becomes very useful when you take notes in the same situation repeatedly. Evernote give you a whopping 54 pre-made templates to choose from right out of the box. They also allow you to create and save your own templates however you do need a Premium Subscription for this feature. Today we are going to take a look at the pre-installed templates Evernote offers.

Evernote’s template gallery is vast with a wide range of pre-made template options to choose from. A few examples include: Meeting Notes, Weekly Planner, Party Planning Checklist, Class Notes, and Pre-Call Planner.  The process is similar wether you are on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android.  Below are examples for both iOS followed by Windows 10. 


Let’s take a look at the Meeting Notes template. Once you have hit the green “+” button (creates a new note) the middle pane will show a new note and the pane on the right will show your writing area. In the writing area you will see an button labeled “Template”.

Selecting the “Template” button will show a pop-up screen with the headings of “Template Gallery” and “My Templates”. When you tap on the gallery you will be able to scroll through the many templates Evernote has already created. Simply scroll through the list to find one that suits you. (Note: to create and save your own templates you will need a premium subscription)

The photo below shows the different categories Evernote has created templates for

After selecting the template you want to use you will see an “Apply Template” pop-up. Hit this button to apply the template you have chosen

Once you have applied the template it will load it into the writing section for you. The photos below will show you the meeting notes template in full. Of course you can change this to fit your needs, however remember that if you want to save those changes for use in the future you will need that premium subscription.

Windows 10

On the bar at the top you will see a button for “New Note”. Click on that to begin your new note.

Next click on the “Template” button

Next you will see the options for “Template Gallery” and “My Templates”. This is where a main difference is between iOS and Windows. On Windows the catagory list is automatically shown on the left side of the screen. Scroll through and find the template you want to use.

Again, using the “Meeting Notes” template as an example, you can see below what Evernote has already created. Feel free to customize the template as you need by either deleting or adding new fields. Reminder that if you want to save the changes you have made you will need a premium subscription to save that version as your own template.

I hope this short tutorial on Evernote’s templates has been helpful for you. Thank you for visiting Tech Insite.


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